CBD Bath Bombs

The CBD space is getting crowded with a wide variety of CBD products. For example, CBD bath bombs are the latest craze, but why are they garnering so much attention? Read on to find out why this is a product line that is worth your attention.

What Are CBD Bath Bombs?

CBD bath bombs are just what the name suggests; bath bombs that have been infused with CBD. If you haven’t tried bath bombs before, these little “bombs” explode into a sea of fizz when dropped into a warm bath. As the CBD bath bomb spreads through the bath, it releases bioactive ingredients that are absorbed by the endocannabinoid system, where they release their therapeutic effects.

How Do CBD Bath Bombs Provide Relief?

Remember that the skin is the largest organ in the body. Additionally, it is richly endowed with cannabinoid receptors, or CB2 receptors. Research has shown that CBD, which is a phytocannabinoid, is a weak agonist at the CB2 receptor. 

When CBD reaches the skin it is taken up into its inner dermal layers where it exerts its effects through the endocannabinoid system. The effects of the CBD are felt almost immediately, as the CBD does not need to go through the digestive process like it does when it’s consumed orally.

How to Use CBD Bath Bombs

Run the bath at a comfortable temperature, but make sure that the water is somewhat warm. Put the CBD infused bath bomb into the water and watch as it fizzes and dissolves.

Feel free to incorporate scented candles and/or scented essential oils such as lavender, which is a great mood enhancer.

Factors to Consider When Choosing a CBD Bath Bomb

How Much CBD is Contained In the Bath Bomb

When shopping for CBD bath bombs, remember to check the amount of CBD in each bath bomb. Remember to not be fooled by the size of the bath bomb, and to request third-party, independent lab results to verify the listed amount of CBD.  

Keep in mind that the recommended CBD dosage is 1-6 milligrams of CBD per one pound of body weight. CBD bath bombs usually come in doses of 50mg, 100mg, 200mg, or 250mg. 

Extra Ingredients Added to the Bath Bombs

Most CBD bath bomb vendors will add extra ingredients for aroma and additional therapeutic benefits. Bath bombs will also contain the ingredients necessary to make them fizz and dissolve when tossed in water. Make sure that every extra ingredient is beneficial, natural, and skin-friendly. The previously mentioned third-party lab results will reveal every one of a bath bomb’s ingredients.

For example, epsom salts are added to many CBD bath bombs because they have de-stressing and antiinflammatory properties. On the other hand, be wary of bath bombs that contain ingredients such as benzene derivatives, aldehydes, talc powder, or parabens, as these are all harmful to your skin. 

What Are the Benefits of Using CBD Bath Bombs?


CBD has strong relaxing properties. This is because it interacts with the serotonin system, resulting in elevated serotonin levels. As such, a CBD infused bath will help you de-stress, relieve anxiety, and relax. Numerous studies have shown that CBD is an effective treatment for anxiety. 

CBD bath bombs can also help relax anxious or stressed children. It’s one of the best ways to administer CBD to children.

Analgesic and Anti-Inflammatory Skin Benefits

Research has shown that CBD is effective in treating chronic pain as well as inflammation. This means that people suffering from muscle aches, eczema, psoriasis, and other painful skin conditions will benefit greatly. 

As previously explained, the CBD will interact with the endocannabinoid receptors located in the dermal layers of the skin and you will begin to feel relief. However, you should ensure that you use CBD bath bombs that have all-natural ingredients to prevent irritating the skin further.