CBD Mints

CBD mints are a relatively new product but are becoming particularly popular amongst the younger generation. Apart from being an easy way to consume CBD, mints come with a number of benefits.

What Are CBD Mints?

CBD mints are what the name suggests; mints that have been infused with CBD. Unlike the usual chewable mints, CBD mints are best consumed through the sublingual route. This means that the mint should be placed beneath the tongue and held there for about a minute so it can dissolve. 

CBD mints offer a targeted effect, especially when they are full-spectrum, and they are also easy to consume. You will not need a glass of water to wash down the CBD and clear out the taste, as the CBD is so immersed in mint flavor that it is hard to taste.

Why Consume CBD Mints Sublingually?

As previously stated, CBD is absorbed particularly well when consumed sublingually. While the bioavailability for oral administration is about 5%- 20%, the bioavailability of sublingual CBD is around 35%. This means that you will begin feeling the therapeutic effects sooner and they will be more powerful.

Are they Better than Other CBD Consumption Methods?

Because CBD mints do not involve combustion, they are generally safer than smokable forms of CBD. Although CBD is safe even when consumed in high doses, smoking may expose your lungs to the smoke’s harmful chemicals. 

What Are the Benefits of CBD Mints?

CBD mints come loaded with several benefits. 

They’re Practical

First, unlike most other types of CBD products, they make your breath smell great. Also, after having been coated with mint and other flavorful botanicals, they taste great.

Additionally, CBD mints come in smaller doses compared to other CBD products. This makes them ideal for those looking to take a CBD micro dose. It also makes it easier to fine tune your CBD intake and find your appropriate dosage. 

Next, since they look like any other breath mint, CBD mints are discreet. This works well for those who prefer to keep their CBD use private. As such, they are also easy to fit into your daily routine because they do not require any prior preparation or fancy gadgets.

They Have Therapeutic and Healing Benefits

Firstly, CBD mints are a great way to relieve nausea. A couple of studies have been conducted to investigate the anti-nausea effects of CBD, and they had positive results. Also, mint itself has been used for several years as an anti-nausea agent, so combining it with CBD creates a powerful anti-nausea compound.

Next, if you are struggling with a low appetite it might be a good idea to see if CBD mints will help. They are also good for colds and sinus problems. Again, mint alone has been used to fight against these symptoms, so coupling it with CBD’s immune boosting properties creates a powerful defense. 

Lastly, CBD mints can help to ease digestive issues, such as irritable bowel syndrome. One study found that mint eases digestion and helps to relieve symptoms of IBS. 

Where to Buy CBD Mints

Despite the fact that they’re a relatively new consumable form of CBD, a few companies are already selling CBD mints. Some of them are as follows:

  • MedCBDX
  • Rewind CBD
  • Mission Farms CBD
  • Pure Kana
  • American green CBD
  • Elevate Hemp

Are CBD Mints Right for Me?

CBD mints have helped many people deal with the conditions listed above. If you have successfully used CBD to address any issue in the past, it is likely that you will benefit from CBD mints in a similar way.

Because CBD interacts with some drugs and may either increase or decrease their effects, if you have not used CBD before you should talk to your physician before doing so. This is especially applicable to anybody who is already taking any medications.