Drying Equipment

Cannabis Drying Systems (CDS) are mostly energy efficient and dehydration based. They combine both automated control and a closed chamber for efficient drying. During drying, unwanted pigments and chlorophyll are removed and the formation of molds is hindered.

The follow are different types of drying equipment:

  • That which is based on pressure
  • That which is based on operation mode
  • Atmospheric dryers
  • Vacuum dryers
  • Continuous dryers
  • Intermittent dryers

Automated computer control aids in precise monitoring of the drying curve and, if necessary, further data analysis. The temperature and moisture parameters can be regulated to perfectly set the drying conditions. Nowadays, remote access via mobile phones aids in real-time monitoring and control. A closed chamber helps eliminate the contamination while drying. When proper drying procedures are followed, a high-quality dried product may be produced.

Cannabis drying requires 17 lbs. to 7140 lbs. of cannabis, and the amount of moisture that needs to be removed is dependent upon the cannabis variety. With large quantities of cannabis, large drying tumblers are required for drying. This reduces the drying time from days to weeks or hours. One should get a consultation from a drying expert before choosing drying equipment in order to find what works best for a particular product or species.