Drying Hut

The perfect drying hut for cannabis is dark, has a controlled temperature between 60°F and 70°F, and has a controlled humidity level between 50% and 65%. In addition, it must be equipped with a gyro meter for tracking all the essential parameters.

If space is limited, then a small room can be fitted with oscillating fans and small humidifiers, if required based on the climate, to make it a hut suitable for drying. In any space, regardless of the size, plants must be hanged upside down, tied up with proper ventilation, and kept mold-free.

If time isn’t limited, the aforementioned hanging method would work best as the process is relatively slow. If the drying needs to be expedited, then the room temperature must be increased to about 90°F with a heater. Tying the buds of cannabis together may also help to dry the product faster.