Edibles (Delivery Method)

An edible is a delivery method for orally consuming CBD.

Cannabinoids are made up of lipophilic molecules that can be dissolved in fats, but not in water. As such, CBD compounds must first bypass the stomach and liver before moving into the bloodstream. Due to the varied nature of its solvency and the complicated human digestion system, the absorption rate of CBD tends to be low, around 6-14%, when consuming an edible. This less-than-ideal absorption rate may be increased by 4-5% by:

  • Baking CBD into foods that contain butter
  • Making CBD capsules that also contain oil
  • Making CBD gummies
  • Mixing CBD with carriers

CBD that is consumed orally may take 1 to 2 hours to make its way into the blood stream and induce its effects on the user. At the same time, the effects of an edible are much more long-term than those of other delivery methods. 

Smaller edibles contain around 10mg of CBD on average, but studies reveal that higher doses are not harmful and are tolerable. In fact, doses even 10 or 100 times this standard 10mg dose don’t usually cause any bad side effects within the body. That being said, those ingesting CBD for the first time should start with the smallest possible dose before working their way up.