“Feminized” is a term used to refer to cannabis seeds which are more likely to yield female plants than male plants. In regular cannabis, the seeds have a 50% chance of sprouting into either a male or female plant. When cultivators use feminized seeds, though, they become more than 50% likely to sprout female plants.

The reason for cultivators choosing feminized Cannabis seeds is that they are ideal for easy growing and flowering, which, of course, helps them earn more money. Female plants contribute more strongly towards the production of terpenes and cannabinoids, have THC with a higher value, and are more beneficial in the medical field.

There are numerous feminized seed breeders, however, quality remains in question with most of them. This is because only a few can successfully grow perfectly female plants. To produce feminized seeds, breeders go through the complicated process of stressing the female plant to grow male sex features like pollen. This pollen is used to produce another female plant that lacks male chromosomes.