Hemp Seed & Clone Companies

We put together a list of over 20 hemps seed companies that specialize in seeds, clones, and seedlings for growing CBD, CBG, hemp fiber and more. They are listing in alphabetical order. We’ve included seed companies that supply hemp seeds both nationally and regionally.

Bija Hemp

Bija Hemp operates out of Denver, Colorado, and is North America’s leading provider of AOSCA (Association of Official Seed Certifying Agencies) certified industrial hemp seed. Their name comes from the Sanskrit word for “seed,” and their mission is to help the world move towards a hemp product-based, green economy. Last year, they successfully harvested 26,000 pounds of hemp seed, which was the biggest American grow since the Farm Bill was enacted in 2014. Bija Hemp imports, propagates, and manages every aspect of the production of their seeds, which means that they’re able to closely work together with growers, processors, and end users to ensure that their seeds meet the company’s high, reliable standards. Learn more at https://www.bijahemp.com/.

Bonafide Seeds

Bonafide Seeds prides themselves on crafting hemp seeds that are high-yield, fast growing, and feminized. They breed, develop, and grow their own seeds in house, and they even work with a 3rd party to test their feminization rate, germination rate, purity, and cannabinoid profile. Bonafide Seeds emphasizes their commitment to establishing trustful relationships with their customers, and they make this happen by providing accurate genetic information about their seeds. They operate out of one indoor facility in Colorado, one outdoor facility in New Mexico, and through their website https://www.bonafideseeds.com, where you can read more about the company and order seeds.

CBD Seed Co.

CBD Seed Co. is a Colorado-based, locally owned and operated company that sells CBD-rich hemp seed and clones. They are the global leader in hemp cultivation, and as such can satisfy hemp clone orders of up to 50,000 units. CBD Seed Co. offers expedited shipping, along with a 100% satisfaction guarantee. They use third-party testing to ensure that their seeds are of the best quality possible, and they even successfully harvest hemp grown from their own seeds. Learn more at https://www.cbdseedco.com/.

Cheyenne Mountain Seed Company

Cheyenne Mountain Seed Company operates out of Colorado and provides feminized hemp seeds with a guaranteed plant count germination. This means that they will ship additional seeds on top of an order to ensure a 100% germination rate. For example, if they test a batch for an order and it has a 95% germination rate, then they will add more seeds at no extra charge to get the other 5% of the way there. Cheyenne Mountain Seed Company produces their seeds in an indoor, state-of-the-art facility, and they grow different strains in different rooms to eliminate the risk of cross-pollination. Learn more at their website https://cheyennemountainseedcompany.com/.

Colorado Breeders Depot

Colorado Breeders Depot sells high quality CBD and CBG seeds and clones. They provide wholesale orders for both large farms and small backyard grows. In addition to producing feminized CBD and CBG hemp seeds, non-feminized tri-crop seeds, and feminized pollen for creating your own seeds, Colorado Breeders Depot provides industrial hemp farming consultations. This means that they can take a look at your farm and offer any necessary advice to ensure their seeds are given the best possible foundation to grow. Learn more at https://coloradobreedersdepot.com/.


With the slogan “Cultivation by Design,” ColoradoCBDSeed produces organic hemp seeds, hemp plants, hemp extracts, and more. They believe in full disclosure with their customers, which means they are always willing to disclose information concerning their products’ growing mediums, nutrients, etc. Additionally, ColoradoCBDSeed provides a consulting service, which helps farmers ensure that their land is in optimal shape for cultivating hemp. Learn more at https://www.coloradocbdseed.com/.

Cultivaris Hemp

Cultivaris Hemp is a hemp seed company based out of San Diego, California. There, they have six acres of greenhouses that they use to produce the best product possible. Additionally, Cultivaris Hemp has rooting stations around the country. This allows them to ship orders from the location closest to the customer, thus lowering shipping costs, avoiding issues that often come alone with long distance shipping, and avoiding transplant shock. With more than 950 million plants under their belt, Cultivaris Hemp is a reliable source for hemp seeds. Learn more at https://www.cultivarishemp.com/.


Farmtiva is a CBD hemp seed company operating out of California. They are led by Chris Boucher, who is regarded as a hemp pioneer and has been involved in the industry for over 25 years. Farmtiva sells CDFA approved seeds which are produced in a controlled environment indoors, and they also provide consulting to farmers. In addition to CBD hemp seeds and consultations, they sell Autoflower seeds, CBG seeds, fiber and grain seeds, and more. Learn more at https://www.farmtiva.com/.

Front Range Biosciences

Front Range Biosciences is a company that provides customers with not only hemp seeds and hemp plants, but also coffee beans and consultations. Operated by biotech researchers, plant scientists, and modern farming experts, Front Range Biosciences has made it their mission to partner with farmers to revolutionize the hemp industry. Learn more at https://www.frontrangebio.com/.

Hemp Genetics International

Hemp Genetics International operates out of Canada and works to provide customers with the best possible hemp grain varieties. Operating since 2002, this company makes it clear that they want farmers to have the most successful harvests possible. Their website even contains a lot of information on different and important elements of a hemp grow, and you can find it at http://hempgenetics.com/.

High Grade Hemp Seed

High Grade Hemp Seed operates out of Colorado, and they pride themselves on having a great product as well as great customer service. Seeds for autoflower lines, early finishers, and CBG are all examples of products sold by High Grade. They understand the risky nature of hemp farming, so they take their work one step further by testing all of their own seed varietals before selling them. High Grade Hemp Seed boasts a feminization rate of over 99.98%, and germination rates that are usually well over 95%. Learn more at https://highgradehempseed.com/.

Hilo Seed Company

Operating out of North Carolina, Hilo Hemp Seed sells high quality hemp seeds, fiber and grain seeds, CBD, CBG, and other minor cannabinoids. The people at Hilo Seed Company are known as the pioneers of the famous Autopilot hemp seed. Their inventory consists of a variety of different kinds of hemp seeds such as autoflower hemp and photoperiodic hemp, and they also offer free crop consulting and lab testing on some seed purchases. Learn more at http://hilohempseed.com/.

Jupiter Seed

Jupiter Seed operates out of Oregon, produces high CBD feminized hemp seed, autoflower seeds, and CBG seeds, and is committed to playing a role in the growth of the North American hemp industry. They produce their seeds in multiple closed greenhouses, which eliminates the risk of unwanted cross pollination. At every step of the growing process their seeds are screened to ensure maximum reliability. Learn more at https://jupiterseed.com/.


Kayagene is a hemp seed company from California with a team that boasts over 40 years of experience in the seed industry. They have a trialing program that they use to test their products with customers so that they can ensure maximum quality control. Kayagene’s hemp varieties are great for commercial production, and they can produce seeds with custom cannabinoid and terpenoid profiles which target specific therapeutic uses. Learn more at https://www.kayagene.com/

NBS Agtech

NBS Agtech defines themselves as a hemp genetics and technology company which is made up of entrepreneurs, builders, growers, farmers, and technologists, and sells hemp seeds. They use lab testing to ensure a proper CBD/THC leaf ratio, and to make sure that no THC cross contamination takes place throughout the production of their product. Learn more here: https://nbsagtech.com/

ORCA Seeds

ORCA Seeds is a hemp seed company that sells wholesale feminized hemp seeds with exceptionally high CBD content. Unfortunately, their website doesn’t offer much more information about their history, their production process, etc. To learn more, e-mail info@orcaseeds.com and visit their website at https://orcaseeds.com/.

Oregon CBD

Oregon CBD was founded in 2015 and is Oregon’s oldest federally legal cannabis research and development company. They pride themselves on operating in compliance with the 2018 farm bill, and producing non-GMO, award winning hemp seeds. Oregon CBD produces CBD dominant, CBG dominant, and CBD autoflower seeds, and it’s worth noting that they only accept orders that equal or exceed 5,000 seeds. Learn more at https://oregoncbdseeds.com/.

Oregon Hemp Seeds

Oregon Hemp seeds is a company that specializes in organic, high CBD feminized hemp seeds and seedlings. Like many other hemp seed companies, they also offer an agronomic consulting service to help farmers make their growing conditions as optimal as possible. Their website contains an abundance of information regarding the strains that they grow, and it can be found at https://www.industrialseed.com/.

Schiavi Seeds

Schiavi Seeds is a hemp seed company from Kentucky that has branded itself as the exclusive North American seed producer of various certified European strains of hemp seeds. The company’s founder and CEO, Andrew Schiavi, has been working for years to help other state Departments of Agriculture and universities gain access to European seeds. They sell a relatively large amount of seed varieties, all of which can be found on their website at https://www.schiaviseeds.com/.

Sunrise Genetics

Sunrise Genetics is a company that is committed to furthering the Cannabis Industry by utilizing the crop for food, medicine, bioenergy, and fiber. They sell high quality hemp clones and a custom breeding service that allows customers to buy seeds that are tailored to their needs. Sunrise Genetics emphasizes full disclosure between their workers and their customers so that communication is in place and confusion is not. Learn more here https://www.sunrisegenetics.com/.

The Plug Supply

Partnered with some of the best extraction labs in the world, The Plug Supply sells industrial hemp seeds of CBD and CBG varieties. Wholesale CBG seeds, CBD seeds, CBD clones, CBG clones, hemp terpenes, hemp hydrosol, hemp stalk/fiber, hemp flowers, and more are all examples of products sold by The Plug Supply. They also offer discounts on equipment and custom farming services to those who buy their seeds. Before ordering, note that you must plan to order enough seeds for at least 3 acres of land. Learn more at https://theplugsupply.com/

Trilogene Seeds

Trilogene Seeds is a company that is dedicated to innovation within the hemp seed industry. Here, breeders, cultivators, and cannabis industry professionals all work together to create and stabilize different varieties of hemp genetics that can be used by farmers all over the world. The large variety of strains that they have for sale are shown on their website at https://trilogeneseeds.com/.