How Long Does It Take For CBD Gummies To Work?

If you have tried different forms of cannabidiol (CBD) you know that they don’t all work in the exact same way. For example, when you vape CBD you might start feeling the effects a few minutes after the first puff, but this is not the case when you consume a CBD edible or use a topical. 

What Are CBD Gummies

CBD gummies are similar to regular gummy bears, except they contain CBD. They come in different concentrations such as 5mg, 10mg, 20mg, and 50mg. CBD gummies are among the fastest moving CBD products in the space because, apart from being child friendly, their size makes them very convenient.

In 2018, the global CBD gummies market was valued at close to 1 billion dollars. 

Factors Impacting CBD Absorption

There are different factors that determine how fast CBD is absorbed into our system and how long it will take for you to feel its effects. This is because everyone has a unique endocannabinoid system that influences their response to CBD. As a result, two people with similar physical characteristics may have different CBD experiences. 

When you swallow a CBD gummy, it passes through the digestive tract and ends up in the liver where the CBD is broken down into usable and non-usable parts. The amount of CBD that is available to be released into the bloodstream is referred to as bioavailable CBD.

Excess CBD is stored in fat cells and will be released once the level of CBD in the bloodstream declines. This means that CBD can move freely between the fat cells and the bloodstream. The effects of CBD that has been stored in fat cells may be felt over the course of a couple of days.

A few other factors influence how fast CBD is absorbed into the bloodstream. They include:

Total Body Weight

People with greater body weight will have more fat cells compared to those who weigh less. This means that the CBD will have more space to which they can bind, so they can absorb more CBD. That being said, since they have a slower metabolism it will take a longer time before they can start feeling its effects. 

Activity Level

People who are more physically active have a faster metabolism. This means that they will digest the CBD faster and feel its effects sooner.

Quality of the CBD

Not all CBD is created equal. Consequently, the nature of the CBD will affect its bioavailability. The more bioavailable CBD there is the greater the effect and the sooner you will start to feel its effects.

How Long Should It Take To Feel the CBD’s Effects?

Once you consume CBD gummies, it takes 1-6 hours to feel the full effects of the CBD. This is because it takes time for the CBD to move through the digestive tract and get to the bloodstream. The exact timing will be influenced by the factors mentioned above.

Because of the delay you’ll experience before feeling their effects, CBD gummies are ideal when you desire long lasting benefits from CBD. It is also advisable not to increase your CBD dosage before you have waited at least 6 hours since your last intake. 

Dosing Strategy for CBD Gummies

CBD gummies are useful in providing a number of therapeutic benefits. This includes pain management, reducing inflammation, anxiety, stress, depression, and improving appetite. Because of their friendly appearance and non-psychoactive properties, they can be given to children to control childhood seizures and promote restful sleep at night. 

When starting to take CBD it is advisable to start with the lowest possible dose, such as 5mg per day for children and 10mg per day for adults. This can be adjusted upwards with time as you observe the CBD’s effects and see how your body is responding to it. 

CBD gummies do not cause side effects in most people. When side effects do occur, they may include an upset stomach, fatigue, sleepiness, and poor appetite.