Hurd (AKA: Shives or Hemp Core Fiber)

Hemp hurds, also sometimes referred to as shives or hemp wood, are the core materials found within a hemp stalk. Hemp hurds are highly absorbent, weightless, and tend to be rich in cellulose. They also have thermal and acoustic properties, and usually come in the form of pellets with particle sizes that range from 0.15mm to 5mm. Their inner wooden material is taken and broken into fragments either manually or by undergoing a process called scutching, which can be done manually or with the help of a machine known as a scutcher. 

Because hemp herds have a lot of industrial properties and uses, they are widely used to craft hemp concrete, or hempcrete, lightweight particle board, acoustic ceilings, biodegradable garden mulch, and non-wood plastic fillers. 

Although hemp hurds were initially seen as a useless byproduct from hemp fiber production, they are commonly used in various industries. For example, they’re a renewable source that may aid in residential heating. Hemp hurds may also be used in animal bedding, pulp & paper, mulching, absorbents, bioethanol production, and compounding.