Prana Principle Brand Review

Prana Principle is a CBD company that specializes in creating high quality CBD products derived from Oregon-grown hemp.  Their mission is to provide safe and effective CBD for all those who need it. They are a subsidiary of the APAX Group Company. 

This is a detailed review Prana Principle. 

About Prana Principle

“Prana” is a Sanskrit word, which means “the principle of life.” It signifies valuing your health and life by adding CBD to your daily routine. 

Prana Principle claims to have an unmatched raw ingredient supply chain and premium CBD manufacturing standards. As such, they guarantee a competitive supply chain for CBD products.

Certificates of Analysis, or the Lack Thereof

Prana Principle claims to subject all their CBD products to third-party testing. Unfortunately, though, certificates of analysis (COAs) for each of Prana Principle’s products are missing from the company’s website. This stands out as a potential red flag. 

Prana Principle claims to use hemp grown in Oregon and a “proprietary” CBD extraction method. That being said, they do not specifically mention whether they use supercritical carbon dioxide filtration, ethanol extraction, or a different extraction method.

Without a certificate of analysis report it is hard to conclude how effective Prana’s extraction method is.

The Quality of Prana Principle’s Products

Prana Principle hemp is non-GMO and grown organically without using harmful chemicals. Judging from their website, the quality of their products appears to be high.

More About Prana’s Products

Prana Principle offers four different product lines of CBD products; Water, Ingestibles, Topicals, and Pet Care.


The Ingestibles are made from broad spectrum CBD Oil and include CBD tinctures, softgels, and capsule formulations.

Their water-soluble CBD tinctures come in concentrations of 500 mg or 1,000 mg of broad spectrum CBD, while the soft gel capsules contain 25 mg of CBD, 10 mg of curcumin, or 1 mg of melatonin. All CBD capsules are nano-emulsified and water-soluble, meaning that their absorption rates are higher.


This is a relatively new product category offered by Prana Principle. Their CBD-infused water comes in 4 refreshing flavors; watermelon, pina colada, blue raspberry, and orange mango. 


The Beauty Care and Topicals combat inflammation and improve general skin health, and include face and eye serum, body and lip balm, shampoo, conditioner, and hand and feet masks. The company offers a unique cellulose face mask and peppermint shampoo. Prana’s skin care products. 

Keep in mind that some of their skin care products contain synthetics, such as BHT, which may be unsafe for the skin.

Pet Care

The Pet Care products come in salmon and beef flavors in the forms of pet chews and pet tinctures.

Third-Party Lab Testing

Prana Principle claims to subject each batch of their products to third-party testing by an independent lab. Although, as previously mentioned, it’s impossible to verify this information since COAs are not on the Prana website, try to acquire COAs by contacting the company directly. 


Prana Principle does a great job packaging and branding their products, all of which are unique and well thought out. They particularly excel when it comes to their skin care products and CBD capsules, but it’s also good to know that they utilize nanotechnology. It’s also great that their tinctures are water soluble, as that means they can be easily infused with beverages.

All that being said, Prana Principle does have some room for improvement. For example, they should eliminate the unnatural compounds in some of their skin care products and make COAs for all products readily available on their website.