Propagation (growing phase)

Propagation is the natural or artificial reproduction process of plants. “Propagate” originates from the Latin word “propagare,” which means “to reproduce plants, breed.”

There are two types of propagation:

  • Sexual propagation: Propagation happens with the help of a seed that is either in the air or buried in the soil
  • Asexual propagation: Propagation occurs through bulb division, layering, cutting, or grafting

There are four main ways to propagate cannabis tissue:

  • Stem Propagation: Stem clones are clipped off and propagated
  • Micropropagation: More accurate than stem propagation, but involves manual cutting
  • Meristematic Culture: Shoot-tip dissection to target the cell-dense. This has been used in recent times and is effective at removing any viruses
  • Protoplast Culture: It is a method of naked cell regeneration for tissue propagation by non-mechanical needs