Rooting Hormones

A rooting hormone is a compound that is used as a catalyst to support the growth of new roots for plants or cuttings. It is essential in order for rotting plant cuttings to become healthy again. Because rooting is the only required growth for duplicating or cloning plants by using cuttings, rooting hormones are of best use in this case. Plants and cuttings grow their roots quickly and have their quality improved upon when adding rooting hormones while watering.

Some plants may produce their own rooting hormones, so it is essential for a cultivator to check on this before adding rooting hormones to water. It is in this way that a plant’s propagation can be best regulated.

Among the 5 main categories of Plant hormones, Auxins is most closely associated with rooting. Naturally, they are produced in terminal buds and stimulate the root growth, suppressing the growth of side buds.

A rooting medium is one mixture that is lighter than garden soil and is used to grow plants. It can be prepared by mixing vermiculture, coconut coir, moss, perlite, sand and potting soil in prescribed ratios to each other. It helps plants retain more water and helps to accelerate the rooting process.