Tinctures (Delivery Method)

Tinctures are an oral CBD delivery method. It only takes 5-10 mins to feel their effects, which is much faster than other oral delivery methods which may take about an hour to release their effects.

Tinctures are liquid cannabis extracts mixed with solvents, which are usually alcohol. They are administered in the form of drops or sprays in the sublingual region, or under the tongue, of the mouth. The sublingual region of the human mouth is completely made of glands and blood vessels which help the CBD get into the blood faster. As a result, tinctures are regarded as the most preferred method of medical CBD intake.

Tinctures are best used when micro-dosing, meaning that it’s better to use them in small doses. Unlike smoking or vaping methods, which usually need to be done in private, tinctures can be easily used discreetly in public.

They should be stored in dark glass bottles to prevent sunlight exposure, inhibit oxidation of the product, and encourage a longer shelf life.