Topical (Delivery Method)

When CBD is applied topically, it’s in the form of bath soak, creams, muscle relief lotions, or skin balms. With topicals, thick oil is decarboxylated, thus activating the CBD. When applied on the surface of the skin, the activated CBD helps the area’s muscles and joints relieve pain.

Topicals use full cannabis extract which gets completely absorbed by the skin. This is why they help relieve localized pain, aches, and soreness. Since topicals are applied only on the topical region, or the epidermis, of the body, CBD reaches the blood stream faster than it does with oral and inhalation CBD delivery methods. Additionally, because they tend to be applied only in the areas that are in pain, they give the user faster relief than orally consumed CBD products.

CBD is fat-soluble, so when applied topically it accumulates within skin tissue. For this reason, strong penetrator or penetrator enhancers are usually combined with topical CBD products. Ethosomes are the most common penetrator enhancers, as they help compounds move more easily between cells. Also, when undergoing nano emulsification, topical CBD products can easily penetrate skin cells rather than getting accumulated within the tissue. 

Topical CBD products may be combined with other anti-inflammatory products. Additionally, covering the area with a bandage after applying may increase the CBD’s rate of absorption. That being said, one should consult a dermatologist before using topical CBD for the first time.