Trim Bag

A trim bag is a device used to dry certain parts of a plant, or sometimes, a whole plant. Trim bags are available in the market at affordable prices and are very useful in terms of usability and portability. There are industry standards for trim bags, which should be considered when shopping for one.

A trim bag can be used most effectively only when the product is well dried and not even slightly damp. Higher density products are more suitable for use in conjunction with.

The steps for properly using a trim bag are as follows:

  1. Place the dried material inside the main compartment of the trim bag, and zip it up
  2. Rapidly rotate the bag clockwise and counterclockwise about 20 times
  3. Place the bag upright and proceed with a shake to force the leaves and/or unwanted parts into the smaller compartment of the trim bag, which can be unzipped separately and trashed
  4. The main compartment now has the required dried material which can be collected.

In order to keep a trim bag clean and reusable, it is essential to wipe the bag with a cloth and lubricate the zips.