Vegetative Stage

The phase between the germination phase and flowering phase in a plant’s life cycle is called the vegetative stage. It is also sometimes referred to as the veg phase, vegetative phase, or the growth stage.

In the veg phase, plants tend to absorb more nutrients, water, and light in order to grow and develop their foliage as much as possible. Nitrogen is one of the most essential requirements of almost all plant species during this phase. If a plant’s maturity is complete in the vegetative phase, it can yield efficiently during the flowering stage.

A plant attains maturity by consistently carrying out the process of photosynthesis, accumulating the above-said essentials, and getting ready for the next (flowering) stage. Plants are found to be more fragile in the vegetative stage. It’s also worth noting that different plants take different amounts of time to get through this phase based on the number of nutrients they’ve accumulated and their growth velocity.

Cannabis takes 3-16 days to complete the vegetative stage in the presence of 18 hours of light exposure. Because cannabis plants grow outward both shoot and root wise during this phase, more water and higher levels of nitrogen are required.