What Products Can Be Made From Industrial Hemp?

Industrial hemp is slowly gaining mainstream acceptance as a profitable cash crop. Over the last few years, farmers have experimented on industrial hemp farming for a couple of reasons. One is the profitable projections from different market analysts. Others include the versatility of this crop and its ability to survive in different climates.

The Agricultural Act of 2014 legalized hemp growing in the U.S. for research purposes. A lot of this research is being done in the medical sector because industrial hemp can be so rich in cannabinoids. 4 years later, The Agricultural Act of 2018 reclassified hemp, removing it from the list of banned substances and classifying it simply as an agricultural product. This legalized hemp at a federal level. 

As of now, 47 states allow hemp cultivation to some degree. It is expected that industrial hemp production will continue to rise as more states create favorable laws and give incentives for hemp cultivation. Should this happen, we should expect to see more hemp products infiltrating the market and replacing some conventional products.

The following are 10 products that can be made from industrial hemp:


Hempcrete is a building material that can be made from hemp biomass. It’s strong, durable, and it provides great insulation. In addition, it’s cheaper and more environmentally friendly than a lot of other building materials. 

Hemp Milk

Highly nutritious hemp milk can be made from hemp seeds. It is rich in amino acids and is perfect for people with dairy allergies. 

Hemp Rope

Rope is one of the first uses of industrial hemp. It can be made from hemp fiber and is relatively cheap to produce. 

Hemp Shoes

Hemp fiber can be used to make high-quality shoes. The material is similar to canvas and is durable. 

A number of companies are already using hemp to manufacture shoes. For example, Nike recently released a 4/20 shoe made from hemp and other high-quality materials.

Hemp Clothes

Hemp has been used to make clothing for many years because hemp fiber can be used to manufacture many different kinds of high-quality textiles. If hemp cultivation is further maximized, hemp textiles may completely take over the clothing industry because hemp is cheaper to produce and more durable than most other fabrics. 

Hemp Soap

Industrial hemp is rich in fatty acids which can be used to make soap. Hemp-derived soap is good for the skin because it is all-natural and rich in therapeutic cannabinoids.


Paper can be made from hemp fiber pulp. Compared to trees, hemp takes a much shorter time to grow, making a better source of paper. 

Hemp Protein Powder

Hemp seeds are one of the richest sources of protein, and one of the healthiest sources of protein powder. They are also rich in fatty acids, antioxidants, amino acids, and other nutrients. 

Hemp seeds can be incorporated into many foods and beverages to boost nutrient value. They are affordable compared to similar seeds and are also easy to digest.

Hemp Reusable Diapers

As much as diapers are a necessity for families with small children, they are usually expensive because they are made from expensive materials. Hemp fiber can be used to make reusable hemp diapers that are more absorbent, more child-friendly, more eco-friendly, and cheaper

We have yet to see hemp diapers hit the market, but if they are all that they have been hyped to be, they will be met with a great response.

Hemp Fuel

Hemp biomass is a source of cheap fuel. Industrial hemp produces hemp biodiesel and hemp ethanol, which are eco-friendly fuels. They are also more economical compared to other sources of fuel.