What Tools Are Needed To Farm Industrial Hemp?

Tools that are needed to farm industrial hemp include bed shapers, transplanters, irrigation tools, and harvesting tools. If you are entering the hemp farming business at a commercial level, you should plan on investing in these tools. For a small grow, though, you’ll be fine with just a shovel and your seedlings.

When thinking of the equipment that you will need for hemp cultivation you can look at it in the following three different phases: tilling the land, planting the seeds, and harvesting. You will also need different equipment to process the industrial hemp after it has been harvested, but this article will focus on the required equipment for the farming process. 

Tools Needed For Tilling Industrial Hemp

If you are cultivating more than a few acres you will need to invest in an industrial raised bed shaper. This is similar to what is used in tomato farming, and it will help you achieve uniformity in all of your beds. 

A good bedshaper will produce tight and even beds measuring approximately 3 feet high and 30 inches wide. You might also need a plastic mulch layer to secure the mulch onto the beds. 

Tools Needed For Planting Industrial Hemp

Once your plants are ready for planting you will need a transplanter to transfer them from the seed beds.  A good transplanter will set the plants up straight, provide adequate spacing between plants, and have minimal slippage to prevent losing any crop. 

Tools Needed To Irrigate Industrial Hemp

Contrary to popular belief, industrial hemp plants need to be irrigated, especially when they are growing in a dry climate. They need at least 25-30 inches of rainfall during the growing season, which is more than the amount required for similar crops such as soybeans and corn.

Irrigation systems will require sprinklers and pipes to move water, but you can also set up a drip irrigation system using simple water pipes. Drip irrigation is simple to set up and requires less water, so it is one of the best irrigation methods in industrial hemp farming.

Tools Needed For Harvesting Industrial Hemp

Industrial hemp is a difficult crop to harvest due to its fibrous nature, which can cause it to get stuck in the moving parts of machinery. A haybine can be used to harvest industrial hemp, but it is not the best tool for the job and it requires that the hemp is completely dry. In an ideal case, a combine harvester is used. A double cut combine can also be used to harvest industrial hemp and other bast fiber crops. 

Where To Buy Tools For Industrial Hemp Farming

There are a number of companies that are currently designing and manufacturing equipment for hemp farming. Kennco Manufacturing is an example, as they sell high quality bedshapers, bedmowers, transplanters, and mulch layers. Hemp Harvest Works also sells farming equipment for hemp cultivation from different designers and manufacturers. Lastly, Hempflax supplies machinery for harvesting.

When looking for where to buy tools for cultivating industrial hemp, keep the following things in mind:

Design and efficiency

Go for the latest design tools if they have been optimized for maximum efficiency. Machines that will reduce your overall costs for cultivation and require less manpower are desirable. 


Compare prices from different manufacturers before settling on the one that is most suitable for your budget. 

Payment plan

Since most of these tools are pretty expensive, you need to consider the most favorable payment plan that fits your budget. Some companies will lease the equipment to you while others will offer higher purchase agreements. You will need to work with your accountant to determine the most profitable payment plan in the long run.

After sale services

Most companies will occasionally offer to service your equipment free of charge. Some companies will also offer to train you on how to use the equipment, and will be available on-call should there be any problem with the tools.