Where Can You Buy Industrial Hemp Seeds?

You can easily buy industrial hemp seeds from online stores and storefronts that sell agricultural products. You may even be able to buy them from your uncle or next-door neighbor who has been experimenting with hemp. 

Since the Agricultural Act of 2018 took effect, hemp is no longer a rare or taboo-like commodity. This act legalized the cultivation of industrial hemp, putting it almost at par with crops such as corn and soybeans. This was a great victory for the nation as a whole, because there are numerous benefits to working with hemp.

Unfortunately, the U.S. has yet to streamline the process of profitable industrial hemp farming in that seed quality is still an issue. Even though these seeds are easy to come by, finding good quality seeds can be a challenge. This is important because, if you are considering trying out hemp farming for commercial purposes, you are better off starting with the highest quality seeds to avoid disappointment come harvest time. 

Where To Buy the Best Industrial Hemp Seeds

If you live near a store that sells industrial hemp seeds, then that’s perfect. You can walk in and ask to speak to customers who have purchased from that store so you can see how their hemp turned out. You can also ask to see the seeds and assess their quality yourself. 

If you are not close to a store that sells seeds, buying online is a good alternative. This will give you several benefits such as:

  • It is easy to find customer reviews online
  • It is easy to compare prices
  • It is convenient, as the seeds will be delivered to your doorstep

Before settling on any particular vendor, look at the feedback of past customers. Thoroughly scroll through their website to get an idea of how the seeds are obtained, their safety standards, their organic farming practices, and any other thing that may stand out. 

Additionally, use forums such as Quora and Reddit to find out more about a particular vendor. Don’t be afraid to ask questions, as there is always somebody out there who knows a thing or two about a particular source of industrial hemp seeds.

Regular Versus Feminized Industrial Hemp Seeds

Regular, or un-feminized, hemp seeds are the most common type of seeds sold by vendors, and they are cheaper than feminized seeds. They are easy to use but produce significantly fewer buds, because roughly half of their plants will produce plants that do not have female characteristics. If you are growing industrial hemp for commercial purposes, you are better off starting with feminized plants, however, the cost of doing so is usually an issue for small-scale growers. In that case, there’s no problem with using un-feminized seeds because you will later prune out the male plants.

Feminized Hemp Seed

Feminized hemp seeds are sold by a few select vendors, but you can also get them on Amazon. Feminized seeds are 5-10 times more costly than regular hemp seeds, so are they worth the investment?

For those looking to cultivate hemp on a commercial scale, feminized seeds are the way to go because they do not have male characteristics. For a hemp farmer, this means three things:

  • More cannabidiol (CBD)
  • More biomass
  • Less time spent pruning

Where to Buy Cheap, Industrial Hemp Seeds

You can buy cheap, industrial hemp seeds from online vendors. However, before settling on cost, consider factors such as the vendor’s organic practices and the general quality of their seeds. These factors will determine the kind of harvest that you will have. If you can afford it, don’t shy away from trying feminized seeds. 

Another way to buy cheap, industrial hemp seeds is to buy them in wholesale because many vendors give great discounts on bulk purchases. 

For How Long Are Hemp Seeds Viable?

Industrial hemp seeds always have an expiration date, so make sure that you check this before buying. It’s also worth noting that heat and moisture will compromise the quality of the seeds by exposing them to mold. That being said, if hemp seeds are stored in optimal conditions they can remain usable for up to five years.